Why Are Some Locations Mystery Shopped While Others Aren’t?


A question from a mystery shopper: When I view the available mystery shops on job boards, I see a bunch of stores and restaurants that I would love to shop. But the locations that are close to my house are never listed! Why do they only shop some of their locations and not all of them? There are several possible answers to this question, so let’s take a look at them.

Staying Safe While Mystery Shopping

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Mystery shoppers travel to unfamiliar places at all times of the day and night. Although the vast majority of mystery shops are perfectly safe, some locations may pose dangers related to crime, road conditions or other hazards. There is also the chance of your car breaking down or getting into an accident. Some shops require that we consume alcohol. Sudden changes in weather can make travel to a previously scheduled shop hazardous. How can you make sure you stay safe {Read More}

Nosy Questions on Mystery Shopper Applications


Note: I am not an attorney and this should not be considered legal advice. Registering to be a mystery shopper is much different from applying for a job. Because of anti-discrimination laws, most employers will not ask questions about an applicant’s gender, age, race, marital status and other issues. However, you will often find these types of questions and others when you register with a mystery shopping company. Can they do that? Short answer: Yes, they can. Legally, Independent Contractors {Read More}

Is This a Legitimate Mystery Shopping Company?

One of the common signs of a scam email is that the scammer uses a free email service, such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. But maybe the scammers are getting smarter. A shopper recently emailed about an “offer” she received via email. Based on her description, it sounded like a scam to me, but she said that the company name matched the email. They even had a website. But something had her worried. Turns out, she was right to worry.

When Customer Service Attacks

customer service attacks

This is a humorous work of fiction that was inspired by an actual experience of overly-attentive staff. I am sharing it here with the writer’s permission. No mystery shoppers were harmed in the making of this story. Everything was normal at Zmart until someone heard a rumor that the corporate office was going to check in on them soon and that a mystery shopper was coming any day.  Of course the point of mystery shoppers is that they are supposed {Read More}

Celebrate Safer Internet Day

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February 11 is Safer Internet Day, but adopting a few simple practices can make every day Safer Internet Day. Being safer on the Internet includes avoiding scams and keeping your data safe and secure when online. This article gives you some simple ways to stay safer.

Get More Mystery Shopper Jobs

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Do you get as many mystery shopper jobs as you would like? If you are a new shopper, or have not completed a lot of assignments in the past, you may wonder how you can get more shop opportunities and make more money. Here is a simple idea you can try to quickly start getting more mystery shops. Say yes.

Mystery Shopping Around the Holidays

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Mystery shopping happens year round, but there are differences during the holiday season. Some clients reduce or suspend their secret shopper programs. Others add specialized shops that check to see that all locations are prepared for the holiday rush. Many clients maintain the same schedule they do in other months, but there is one big difference: Schedulers will be eager to get shops done before the holidays hit. They know that, for example, it will be very difficult to get {Read More}

Should a Mystery Shopper Complain About Bad Service?


Questions such as this one come in often: I was on a mystery shop and had really bad service. If I had been paying my own money, I would have looked for a manager and complained, but I wasn’t sure if I should do that on a mystery shop. Instead, I am going to write a letter to their corporate office. They need to know how bad this was! Although mystery shoppers need to, for the most part, act like {Read More}

Mystery Shopper Route


The tip on the above video will save you time and money on your next round of mystery shops. One of the things that takes a lot of time on a mystery shop is driving back and forth to and from the location. And if you are doing several mystery shops, you certainly don’t want to leave the house, go to the shop, come back home, go to the next shop, come back home, etc. So what a lot of {Read More}