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How Long Should My Mystery Shop Report Be?


Do mystery shopping companies expect that your reports will be a certain length? Do they want you to include every detail, or just the most important things? How much to they want you to write anyway?

There is always an expected length for comments and narratives, but the expectations vary by mystery shopping company and client. Many report forms will give a minimum or maximum number of characters, or will suggest a minimum number of sentences for each section of the report.

Some clients want reports that are short and to-the-point. They will limit how many words or characters you may include. How much you can tighten your writing will depend on the expectations of the mystery shopping company and their client. It may be acceptable to use contractions. Some companies may allow you to remove articles (e.g., ‘the’), but most will not as that results in sentence fragments. Continue Reading

Get Off to a Good Start in Mystery Shopping

One of the things I hear from new shoppers is that they signed up for one company, looked at the job board and saw two available assignments for fast food shops reimbursing $10. Is that all there is to mystery shopping? No!

Just as with any other business, mystery shoppers do not start out at the top. The best assignments go to experienced, proven shoppers. The assignments available to inexperienced shoppers are usually the ones that are left after veteran shoppers have gotten their assignments. And here is the thing that even many experienced shoppers don’t know: The very best assignments almost never appear on a job board. They are offered directly to the very best shoppers. Fortunately, it doesn’t take years to work your way up to better opportunities.

Want to launch your mystery shopping career the right way? There are a few simple steps that will put you ahead of the crowd.Continue Reading

How Can I Make Myself a Favorite of Schedulers?


Having great relationships with schedulers means you will be on their minds when they have jobs to fill. Here are some ways to be one of their favorite mystery shoppers:

Make your application complete. Answer every question. Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation on your application. If you haven’t worked with them before, all they know about you is what they see on the application.

Be dependable. If you accept an assignment, do it. About 25% of the time, secret shoppers who accept jobs don’t complete them. Imagine having to do your job twice 25% of the time. You wouldn’t like it, and schedulers don’t appreciate it either.

If an emergency comes up and you have to cancel, Continue Reading

Can Anyone Become a Mystery Shopper?


Yes, (almost) anyone can become a mystery shopper, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can be a good mystery shopper!

You need to be an adult to register as a mystery shopper, but there are no other age limitations. There is no specific educational requirement and you can mystery shop in just about any city.

Some shop assignments require shoppers of a particular gender or who are within a given age range to match the client’s typical customer demographics. But most of the time schedulers are just looking for someone who will do a good job on the shop.

So what else does it take to be a good mystery shopper?Continue Reading

How Many Miles Are You Expected to Travel to Do a Mystery Shop?

A shopper asks:
How far do mystery shopping companies expect us to drive to do a shop? I often get requests to do jobs hundreds of miles from my home! Do they really expect me to travel that far for a $15 assignment? My gas would cost more than that!

No, they do not expect you to drive hundreds of miles to do a shop. Getting a notice of an available shop does not mean that you are expected to do it. Mystery shoppers are independent contractors, and we decide what assignments we are willing to do and what fees we will accept. So why did they send it to you?
Continue Reading

Why Do Mystery Shopping Companies Change Name?

Have you noticed that a company you have been working with for years will suddenly have a new name? It seems to happen a lot these days. When I recently updated the free list of mystery shopping companies, I noticed that several companies had changed their names.

Why does it happen? It doesn’t mean that the company is trying to hide anything. There are several possible reasons for a name change. Let’s look at a few.
Continue Reading

How Should I Dress for Mystery Shops?

Mystery shoppers need to be professional in appearance and attitude, so how should we dress when we are doing mystery shops? Should we dress in business attire, or is it fine to wear jeans and a t-shirt? As with so many of the other questions surrounding mystery shopping, the answer is “it depends.”

The most important consideration is how other customers dress. Mystery shoppers need to look and act like other customers of the business. We need to blend in and not stand out because we are very under- or over-dressed. Let’s look at a few examples.Continue Reading

Scammers Send Credit Cards Instead of Checks

credit-card-scamI have written more times than I can count about the mystery shopper scam where scammers send fake checks to people who believe they have been selected as mystery shoppers. The victims are told to cash the checks, evaluate local businesses, then wire money to other “shoppers” or back to the scammer. Some time later, the victim discovers that the check they deposited was fraudulent and the bank expects them to return any money they received from the bad check. Individual victims have lost thousands of dollars to these scams, and the total stolen is in the millions.

Now there is a new twist on this scam. A Georgia woman received a package that included several credit cards. She was instructed to use the cards to make purchases at WalMart, Target, Home Depot and the Apple store, then ship her purchases to an address on the west coast.
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