What happens to my mystery shop report after I submit it?


One thing many shoppers wonder about is what happens to their reports after they press “submit.” Who looks at the reports? What do they do with them? Of course, every company and client may be a little different, but here is what happens in a typical situation. First, the report goes to an editor or quality control reviewer. The job of the editor is to make sure that the report meets all of the client requirements. They look at things {Read More}

When and How to Use Quotations in Mystery Shop Reports


One of the goals you should have when writing mystery shop reports is to help those who read the report to feel that they were there, experiencing what you experienced during the shop. Directly quoting what employees said to you during a mystery shop visit is one of the things that helps the mystery shopping company and the client imagine what your visit was really like. But quotations can be overused. Let’s look at when you would use quotations and {Read More}

10 Hyphenation Tips


Do you know when to use a hyphen and when not to? This infographic gives five examples of when a hyphen is needed and five examples of phrases that should not be hyphenated. Some of these may come in handy when writing mystery shop reports. Is it “one half” or “one-half”? “Self-serve” or “self serve”? Was the steak “well-done” or “well done”? by grammar.net. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Where Are All of the Good Mystery Shops?


New shoppers are often disappointed and frustrated when they look for assignments and find only low-paying, not-very-exciting shops. “Is that all there is to mystery shopping?” they wonder. Absolutely not! There are lots of high-paying and interesting mystery shopper jobs out there. In this article, I explain why you are not seeing those better jobs, where they are hiding and how you can uncover them.

Modifier Madness

Making your mystery shop reports as clear as possible is important. Using modifiers incorrectly can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Misplaced modifiers are easy to do, and often hard to spot. Before getting into the mistake, however, let’s first explore what a modifier is. Modifiers are words that are used in a sentence to describe something else. They’re typically adjectives, which are words that describe nouns but can be any words or phrases that describe something.

Another Mystery Shopper Scam Email


Most mystery shopper scam emails are pretty easy to spot. They are full of errors. They come from free email addresses (e.g., Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) instead of emails using the company’s domain name (e.g., steve@mysteryshoppingcompany.com). They ask you to respond to the email with all of your personal information instead of filling out an application at their website. Then along comes a scammer who is just a little more sophisticated. Someone who understands how email and websites work won’t fall {Read More}

Maximizing Mystery Shopper Reimbursements

The lure of “free stuff” is one of the things that attracts many people to mystery shopping as a career. As mystery shoppers we may receive products and services of all kinds as we make required purchases during shopping assignments. Of course, these items are not really free—they are part of our compensation. Shoppers who recognize that freebies are not really free will make choices that maximize the financial rewards they receive from mystery shopping. Here are some examples:

Why Does it Take So Long to Get Paid for Mystery Shops?


Although some mystery shopping providers pay within a week or two, many times you will find yourself waiting longer. Sometimes six or eight weeks, and occasionally even longer. Why don’t mystery shopping companies pay faster, and what can you do about it? There are several reasons it can take a while to get paid, some of them very reasonable and others less so. One issue often cited is cash flow. Mystery shopping is a low-margin business. Companies do not have {Read More}

Why Are Some Locations Mystery Shopped While Others Aren’t?


A question from a mystery shopper: When I view the available mystery shops on job boards, I see a bunch of stores and restaurants that I would love to shop. But the locations that are close to my house are never listed! Why do they only shop some of their locations and not all of them? There are several possible answers to this question, so let’s take a look at them.

Staying Safe While Mystery Shopping

Take care

Mystery shoppers travel to unfamiliar places at all times of the day and night. Although the vast majority of mystery shops are perfectly safe, some locations may pose dangers related to crime, road conditions or other hazards. There is also the chance of your car breaking down or getting into an accident. Some shops require that we consume alcohol. Sudden changes in weather can make travel to a previously scheduled shop hazardous. How can you make sure you stay safe {Read More}