A Mystery Shopper Would Not Do This

Many employees believe they can always spot the mystery shopper. Often the things they think give away the shopper are things that a shopper would never (or at least should never) do.

As shoppers, we are sometimes concerned that be required to ask what we believe are “stupid” questions will give us away. My answer to that is that real customers do dumber things than anything we do. Want proof? Check out this site: http://notalwaysright.com/.

At The Customer is Not Always Right, people who work in sales, tech support, food service and other customer service positions share horror stories of stupid and difficult customers. Anyone who has ever held a job dealing with the public will experience flashes of recognition. As secret shoppers, we have probably observed some of these types of interactions. However, if you see yourself as the customer in any of these stories . . . uh, there may be a problem.


  1. coryj says

    It is also important to note that, in most cases, there is a reason for questions that need to by asked or the way a scenario is set up. In most cases the client is asking for specific information and the only way to get it is to ask the right questions.

    There are also times when we know we are increasing the chances of a shopper being identified. At times it is a necessary risk to fulfill our obligation to the client.

    Our policy is, if a shopper has a question we would rather have them ask than guess. In most cases we are happy to explain the rationale behind a question or scenario.

    Have a great weekend!
    Cory Jensen, Owner
    I-Spy Mystery Shoppers
    Omaha, NE


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