How to Find Mystery Shopper Jobs in Your Area


One of the questions I get asked most often is about how to find local mystery shopper jobs. Here are some tips on finding opportunities all around you. How do I find mystery shopping companies in my town? You don’t really need to find companies in your town, you need to find companies that have clients in your town.

Nosy Questions on Mystery Shopper Applications


Note: I am not an attorney and this should not be considered legal advice. Registering to be a mystery shopper is much different from applying for a job. Because of anti-discrimination laws, most employers will not ask questions about an applicant’s gender, age, race, marital status and other issues. However, you will often find these types of questions and others when you register with a mystery shopping company. Can they do that? Short answer: Yes, they can. Legally, Independent Contractors {Read More}

Do You Have Airport Security Clearance?

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A mystery shopper recently asked: I was signing up with a mystery shopping site and one of the questions asked on the application was, “Do you have airport security clearance?” My first thought was, “What do they want me to take on a plane that would require my having personal security clearance?” Is this question typical? Why would a mystery shopping company want to know if I have airport security clearance? Should I just ignore that site and go on {Read More}

Keep Your Secret Shopper Profiles Up to Date


Each time you apply to a mystery shopping company, you fill out a shopper profile. The profile includes your contact information, demographic information about you (e.g., birthdate, gender, marital status, etc.) as well as specific things the mystery shopping company needs to match you to client requirements. These questions might include the ages of your children, if you own a digital camera or voice recorder, if you wear glasses, etc. Of course, MSPA member companies will want to know your {Read More}

Mystery Shopper Companies – How to Find Them


I hear from a lot of people who want to become mystery shoppers, but say they do not know how to find secret shopper companies that do not charge. They are on the right track knowing that they should not pay to sign up with a company. Legitimate mystery shopping companies do not charge you to register. The companies that charge may be providing a service (which you do not need) or they may just be out-and-out scams. In either {Read More}

Mystery Shopping and Your Resume


Lots of people are looking for work these days. If you are unemployed and looking for a job, or thinking about changing jobs, you need a good resume. Should you include your mystery shopping work on a resume? And if so, how should you list mystery shopper jobs? There isn’t just one answer, so let’s take a look at a few possible scenarios.

Mystery Shopping Sites – Which Ones Should I Join?


Question from a secret shopper: I want to become a mystery shopper. When I search for information, I get a lot of sites that want me to join. Some of them seem to offer free mystery shops, but others charge a monthly fee. Before I start running up a bunch of charges, I need to know if I can make money as a mystery shopper, and which site I should join. Do I need to join more than one? Help! {Read More}

The Best Mystery Shopping Company


I have a list of 200 legitimate mystery shopping companies on my web site, and I get calls and emails all the time from new shoppers who want me to tell them which mystery shopping company is best. “I don’t want to apply to all of those companies. Can’t you just give me the names of a few companies that are best?” Well, no, I can’t. The companies that I think are the best might be useless to you. Here {Read More}

How Many Mystery Shopper Applications are Enough?


There are hundreds of legitimate mystery shopping companies—do you need to apply to all of them? Half of them? A few of them? How many companies do you need to work with?

Moving Soon – When Should I Apply to Mystery Shopping Companies?

Question from a secret shopper: I am going to move to another state in about six months. Should I start applying to mystery shopping companies now, and take assignments in my present location, or should I wait until after I move to get started? Would applying now be a waste of time?