Create a Mystery Shopper Route

Are you interested in making your mystery shopper jobs more profitable? Seeking higher-paying jobs, doing more assignments, and reducing expenses can all help you to make—and keep—more money.

With the price of gas what it is these days, one way to reduce expenses is to set up an efficient route to complete your shops with as little driving as possible.

A great tool to help you do this is Microsoft Streets & Trips. With this software, you can enter a list of addresses, then have the software optimize your route to cover it most efficiently.

The free online mapping sites (such as Yahoo Maps) can help you with maps and directions from one point to another. You can even enter multiple destinations and map out the entire trip; however, they do not automatically calculate the best route for covering multiple stops. All Yahoo Maps and other free sites do is map out the locations in the order in which you entered them. Streets & Trips makes the planning process simple by ordering the stops for you to reduce driving time and distance.

The software comes in two versions: A basic edition and one that includes a GPS locator you can plug into the USB port on your laptop. That makes it easy to check your route while you are on the road, and even make changes on the fly.

Investing in tools, such as Microsoft Streets & Trips, can save time and money and make your mystery shopping more profitable.

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