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Vicki Dempsey, Business Development Director of the Property Management Client Division of Jancyn, answered some questions for us about mystery shopping for them. Jancyn provides mystery shopping and market research services to a wide range of industries including spas, financial services, restaurants, golf courses, retail and gyms. The company is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Here is what Vicki had to say:

Describe the ideal shopper.

Because I have responsibility for the Property Management client division at Jancyn, I look for very specific types of shopper skills to complete the assignments we offer.

Before beginning any Apartment Community shop the Jancyn shopper will need to develop a credible ‘cover story’ using dedicated instructions we provide to help the shopper understand the client’s training motivation. The shopper must be part actor, part writer, and all professional in his/her ability to describe the interaction in detail with the target agent.

The shopper posing as a prospective tenant begins the shop on the telephone. He or she speaks to the leasing agent and shops that person’s ability to quickly establish rapport, ask pertinent qualifying questions, offer information about the units and community and most importantly set an appointment for the on site portion of the shop. The shopper must have the ability to sound natural yet eager to visit the property.

During the on site visit he or she continues to assess the performance of the leasing agent. The ideal shopper will be able to ask relevant questions needed to complete the shop but also know when to be silent allowing the target to control the tour. The best shoppers are objective and can clearly express their observations in writing.

Does your company recognize MSPA certification? What advantage does a Silver shopper have over non-certified? Gold over Silver? Do you recognize any other certifications?

Yes, we recognize MSPA certifications and strive to use only silver and gold certified shoppers with our Property Management division. They are clearly indicated in our system and we value their training and experience. We also have an internal scoring system and will only train and use the ‘best of the best’ for this type of shop. Our highly skilled project managers (schedulers) work closely with shoppers to ensure an excellent shopper experience as well an excellent shop report to our clients. We encourage our best shoppers to refer others who meet our criteria to Jancyn. In addition, some of our most experienced shoppers often move up to become project managers.

What types of shops does your company do? What types of reports are used?

Viewing our website is the best way to learn more about Jancyn. Shopper application links are at the top of the page. You will see we focus on property management, restaurant, retail, banking and a variety of other industries. In addition, we offer a variety of shop types. Full narrative reports, telephone and internet shops, video shops, simple questionnaires, SmartShops using smart phone technology, and intercept surveys. Our survey software is the most sophisticated available allowing for web based ease and flexibility when completing a shop report.

What is the best way for a new shopper to get in the door and get a first assignment?

Jancyn has been in business for over 30 years so we have a solid reputation for attracting and keeping qualified shoppers. Upon filling out an application our shoppers are asked to demonstrate their understanding of the basic nature of mystery shopping, provide a sample of their writing, and agree to uphold the professional standards, ethics and integrity of a mystery shopper. Shoppers possessing a competitive understanding of the latest technology (we love smart phones) have a definite plus. Shoppers are provided web based training, and are armed with extremely detailed, but easy to understand, directions along with a completed sample shop. Obtaining a high score for a job well done ensures moving to the top of our shopper selection. Our shoppers represent Jancyn quality and we are proud to feature them when meeting with new clients.

How long after a shop are your shoppers typically paid? Do you use/require PayPal? Do you plan to?

We do require Pay Pal to pay shoppers. Pay Pal is ideal as it eliminates a banking step and means shoppers are paid faster. We find shoppers like it too as they build their Pay Pal account to buy that something special they have been working and saving for. Our shop pay is highly competitive and assignments enjoyable.

What do you see as the future direction of mystery shopping?

No matter what new changes in technology or social networking come along- there is no replacement for one on one customer facing ‘excellent service’. Successful companies know the customer is the lifeblood of their business. Only a real person, the shopper, can provide the objective feedback needed to determine what creates a delighted customer. Using a mystery shop program provides the feedback that drives improvement for customer experiences, motivates employees to do their best and optimizes resources. We believe a well established mystery shop program delivers the results a company needs to stay competitive and refine core business values.


If you would like to be a mystery shopper for Jancyn, go to http://jancyn.com/ and click on the ‘Shop for Jancyn’ link.

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