The Mystery Shopper’s Manual

Solid information.
The step-by-step guide to becoming a successful shopper.
—Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The Mystery Shopper’s Manual is your complete guide to launching and growing your shopping career, whether you areThe Mystery Shopper's Manual male or female, whatever your age and wherever you live.

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If you are looking for a flexible, fun way to make extra money, mystery shopping may be for you! You can get paid to shop, eat in restaurants, get your hair cut, go to the movies and more . . . and Cathy Stucker will show you how.

This updated and expanded edition of the industry-favorite guide is jammed with tips and insider knowledge from mystery shopping companies. Both beginners and experienced mystery shoppers will become better, more successful shoppers with the information in this manual, including:

  • Why businesses are willing to pay you to shop.
  • A step-by-step plan to get started.
  • Who hires mystery shoppers and how to contact them.
  • What to do–and what not to do–when working with mystery shopping companies.
  • Tips for shopping “undercover” without being discovered.
  • What you should say in your reports and how to say it.
  • How to get more mystery shopping assignments and how to get the best assignments.

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The information in the manual comes directly from the experts–mystery shoppers and the owners of mystery shopping companies. You’ll learn insider secrets about how mystery shopping really works, and you’ll have all the information you need to get started–including contact information for companies hiring mystery shoppers all over the country and even all over the world!


Jump start your career as a professional mystery shopper by ordering your copy of The Mystery Shopper’s Manual.

This is the first and only book for mystery shoppers to receive the endorsement of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, the international professional association dedicated to mystery shopping. You’ve seen the come-ons about mystery shopping. Now get the truth. This is the book that tells what mystery shopping is really like, and how you can make money as a professional shopper.

Whether you are just getting started, or ready to take on more shopping assignments, you’ll get the help you need in The Mystery Shopper’s Manual. Jump start your career as a professional mystery shopper by ordering your copy today! The new 6th Edition has even more advanced information for experienced shoppers.

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The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) recognizes that mystery shoppers and prospective mystery shoppers need a resource that will give them the ‘real story’ about mystery shopping. . .the
opportunities, the realities, and how to perform at their peak. Cathy Stucker’s book, The Mystery Shopper’s Manual, provides solid information that offers the mystery shopper reliable information on how to obtain assignments, how to perform them well, and how to ensure that mystery shops are conducted in accord with the wishes of the mystery shopping company and its clients. The Mystery Shopper’s Manual provides a realistic approach to mystery shopping that addresses step-by-step processes for becoming a successful shopper.
Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The Mystery Shopper’s Manual
Paperback. 256 pages
Published by Special Interests Publishing