Mystery Shopping Companies

The companies listed here are legitimate mystery shopping companies. They do not charge a fee to apply.

mystery-shopping-company-listThe links here are provided as a service to mystery shoppers. I do not charge companies to be listed. Although I screen companies before listing them, I do not endorse any of these companies. You should always exercise good judgment about giving out your personal information, online or offline. There are several articles on this site about avoiding scams, including how to spot a mystery shopper scam website.

It is almost impossible to predict which companies will have assignments available in your area. To get access to more mystery shopping jobs, apply to many companies. The number of mystery shopper job opportunities will depend on the number of clients they have, client locations, how often they are shopped, and how many other shoppers are available.

It is also a good idea to apply to scheduling companies. These services work for the mystery shopping companies, choosing shoppers for assignments. Because scheduling services work with many mystery shopping companies, being in their data bases can give you access to a lot of shops.

Keep a record of where you have applied, along with your shopper ID, login and password. That way you will not waste time applying a second time to the same companies, and you will easily be able to access mystery shopper job opportunities on the sites.

Mystery Shopping Companies




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