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ritter_logo2.gifDennis Richard of Ritter Associates Mystery Shopping, answered some questions for us about mystery shopping for Ritter Associates. Ritter Associates is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, and Dennis and others from Ritter have attended the MSPA’s Shopper Educational Conferences and many Gold Workshops.

Ritter has been in business since 1974.

Here is what Dennis had to say about mystery shopping for Ritter Associates.

Does your company recognize MSPA certification? What advantage does a Silver shopper have over non-certified? Gold over Silver? Do you recognize any other certifications?
Our schedulers look at the certification field when assigning shops. They will give Gold first shot then Silver and the non- certified.

What types of shops does your company do? What types of reports are used?
We mostly do Convenience Stores. We have short forms mostly.

What is the best way for a new shopper to get in the door and get a first assignment?
Apply with an intelligent note and get the shop done as scheduled.

How long after a shop are your shoppers typically paid? Do you use/require PayPal?
On the last day of the following month. We do not use PayPal.

How is your company helping shoppers deal with the high price of gasoline?
We have always packaged groups of shops and will continue to do so. We have not increased prices.

What is your biggest problem/pet peeve with shoppers?
Flaking on shops or not reading the details until a week after they have a shop and then deciding that they don’t want to do it.

What are the biggest challenges facing mystery shopping companies today?
Low-ball quotes. Gas prices. Shopper quality.

What do you want shoppers to know–what will make them more valuable to your company?
We need you to complete your work on time and accurately. If we had more of that we could maybe afford to pay shoppers more.

Anything else you want to add? Advice? Funny shopper stories?

I just sent an email out to a group of shoppers about some customer intercepts and in the email I stated that if you can’t follow the instructions in my email you will probably not be hired to do this job. The bottom of the email stated NOT to contact me if you were still interested but email me if you want your name removed from the list.

A shopper emailed me and told me he was interested, how great he was and that he always follows instructions.


Thank you, Dennis, for sharing this information. If you would like to be a mystery shopper for Ritter Associates, go to http://www.ritterassociates.com/.


  1. Vickie King says

    Please instruct me how to search for mystery shops or assignments.
    I have enrolled already.
    Vickie King

    • Cathy Stucker says

      If you have registered with mystery shopping companies, then follow their instructions on how to get assignments. Most companies have job boards, some will email you when there are assignments in your area. If you don’t find assignments with the companies with which you have registered, sign up with some additional companies. Never pay to register–mystery shopping companies do not charge you to apply.

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