Too Much Mystery Shopper Email?

too-much-emailSecret shoppers who are registered with several mystery shopping companies may get dozens to hundreds of job offer emails every day. The flood of email can seem overwhelming.

How can you deal with all of the email, while still having time to mystery shop and have a life?

One good first step is to have an email account that you use exclusively for registering with secret shopping companies. This way you can deal with you shopper emails separately from others. You might consider setting up an account with Gmail or another free service for this.

Be sure to associate this email account with your PayPal account, so that payments from mystery shopping companies reach you. Also, if you have an MSPA shopper certification, you will need to get a new certification code. Your certification code is tied to your email address, so when your email address changes a new code is required.

Although changing to a new email address can be time-consuming if you are registered with many companies, it can save you time in the long run by making it easier to manage your email. When you are busy with other things, you can simply ignore the shopper email account, then pick it up again when you are ready to take on more assignments.

If you do not want to change email addresses, consider using filters to put all of your mystery shopping emails in one mailbox. Once they are all in one place, you can handle them (or ignore them) all at once. Many email programs, such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird and others, allow you to filter your emails based on the sender’s email address, words in the subject line, or other criteria. The specifics on how to do this vary by email program, so check the help function in your email program to learn how to set it up.

Deal with emails once. Do not leave shop notifications cluttering up your mailbox because you might want to maybe consider the possibility of perhaps applying for a chance at a shop. Be decisive. Although there may be times when you want to see what other shops are available before applying, often you know immediately that you don’t want to do a shop. If that is the case, delete the email and move on.

Many companies allow you to opt out of email notifications. If you regularly check job boards you may not care about getting email notifications, but for most of us the email notices help to find more jobs. You might consider opting out temporarily, though, if you are going to be traveling or otherwise unavailable to mystery shop for an extended period.

In extreme cases, you can deactivate your shopper account. This means that you will no longer be able to accept shop assignments from that company. But it does stop the emails. You might do this if you find that a company has very few assignments in your area, but you get a lot of emails promoting shops many miles from you. Or if you just do not want to work for that company for some reason.

Getting email under control can make you more productive as a mystery shopper. A little time invested now can save you lots of time in the future.

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