Your Mystery Shopping Staycation

Lots of people are cutting expenses, but still want to have a summer adventure. They may be choosing a “staycation” and having fun without leaving town, over a vacation involving trips far away from home. Mystery shopping can help you have a fun and rewarding staycation.

A mystery shopping staycation means working during your adventure—there are observations to make and reports to write—and you have to take your mystery shopping assignments seriously, even if you are thinking vacation. But you can have fun you might not be easily able to afford without mystery shopping. Here are a few ideas.

Take a break from cooking. Do a few fast food shops and give the kids their favorite food while you take a vacation from the kitchen.

Have a special dinner with your honey. Many companies offer restaurant mystery shops at upscale casual dining and fine dining establishments. Even if dining out isn’t in your budget, you can have a wonderful dinner by doing a dining mystery shop.

See the sights for free. Many attractions, such as amusement parks, museums and other tourist spots, get mystery shopped. Watch for these assignments and have fun while you work.

Go to the movies. Although many movie theater shops involve spending lots of time at the theater to, for example, verify the number of people at each showing of a movie, there are some where you just go to one showing.

Go bowling. Bowling alleys are air conditioned, so you can get some exercise without losing your cool. Bowling alley shops may include refreshments as well as covering your lane fees.

Treat yourself to a massage or other pampering. There are salon and spa shops where you can have your hair done, get a makeup lesson or even enjoy a massage.

Get away from home. Pick up a hotel shop and get away from home for a night or two without having to leave town. Although the high-end resort shops are hard to come by, many companies have secret shops of mid-range hotels available. Enjoy some time by the pool and just being away from home.

Want an out of town trip? Look for out of town hotel shops and assignments at restaurants and other places at your destination or along the way. These shops can be easiest to locate using self-assign job boards. Or, if you have good relationships with a few schedulers, contact them to let them know your plans and see what assignments they may have available for you.

Don’t want to work during your staycation? Do some extra shops ahead of time and stash the cash. Use the money to fund the fun you want to have. By doing a few extra shops here and there in the months before your vacation you can do what you want to do without working on your time off.

Enjoy your staycation! How are you using mystery shopping to have more fun without spending your own money?

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